4 Seasons Skatepark can fill all your Skateboarding,Scooter and BMX needs. Our store offers a wide range of products and service.We also sell 4 Seasons swag so you can show your support!Spend over $75 in the shop and get a free entry in the park(value $13) Call park for any questions you may have 414 933 7275
*All current members receive 10% off in shop on every purchase!!

















274 Responses to Shop

  1. Brody says:

    Do you have scooter stuff?

  2. Dylan says:

    I wanna try the new Real Pro low deck, do you have any in stock?

  3. Charles says:

    How much is your decks

  4. Charles says:

    Do you sell alien workshop

  5. Rick says:

    I’d like to buy trucks from you and have them shipped. Can we do that?

  6. Jason says:

    Are there drinks and food to purchase?

  7. Navin says:

    I was wondering how much hardware (bolts) costs at the cheapest

  8. ryaaaaan says:

    do you sell helmets

  9. Jamie Ashlin says:

    All i have to say is i love the park. See you guys tonight!!

  10. deven says:

    are yu crackheads

  11. MikAniK says:

    How much is it trunks

  12. MikAniK says:

    How much is it lowest trunks

  13. MikAniK says:

    Do u guys sell full skateboards with trunks and whells

  14. deven says:

    ahhhh yu geeked selling that for 90.00$

  15. Brandon says:

    How much would it cost to buy all the parts to a skateboard if I bought from you

  16. Tia says:

    How much would knee pads,elbow pads, and a helmet cost all together

  17. Tia says:

    oh yeah. if your just starting to skateboard when is it less crowded (what day) at the park

  18. Brandon says:

    How many people do you think will show up on Friday

  19. MikAniK says:

    What is the lowest for a skateboard

  20. deven says:

    de tr arstffgf R&D staff

  21. Jason says:

    do you guys got bmx forks?

  22. Tia says:

    how much is a session in the park

  23. Julius says:

    Do u guy’s rent boards and if so how much??

  24. Dan f says:

    do you guys sell district scooter stuff like the al2 or st2 v3 bars?

  25. Dan f says:

    also do you guys have proto wheels for scooters

  26. dan f says:

    do you guys have district headsets for scooters

  27. Luke Mehrtens says:

    I love you place but a lot of jerks come. ps I still love riding my bike at your place

  28. Luke Mehrtens says:

    what days are less crowded

  29. Brad Karl says:

    Do you guys have bmx racing helmets?

  30. Daniel O'Brien says:

    How much would one of your district decks be

  31. ty bear scooter says:

    how much is the scooters

  32. Devon says:

    How much are scooters complete

  33. zabdiel says:

    do you have inner tubes?

  34. camren says:

    if i custom made a scooter from here what do you think the price range would be??

  35. Connor McCally says:

    Do you guys have proto clamps in blue?

  36. Griffin says:

    How many full scooters do You have in stock? What brands? prices?

  37. oscar says:

    do you guys rent helmets

  38. Devon says:

    Do you have a scooter deck that will fit Grit invader scs because I can’t find many of them

  39. Ryan says:

    Do you have scooter pegs if so how much

  40. Ryan says:

    Ok I want to get scooter grip tape new odi bar ends how much will that cost

  41. Ryan says:

    What’s your cheapest scooter clamp

  42. Ryan says:

    What kind

  43. Ryan says:

    And dose it come wit bolts

  44. Ryan says:

    Last thing do u sell bolts for clamps seprete because that’s the problem I was us ring the wrong Allan key and shredded them so if u do it would be awesome

  45. Joey says:

    How much are pheonix scooters?

  46. Ryan says:

    Do you have a mgp vx4 nitro or mgp end of days? If you do what are the prices

  47. Zach says:

    What kind of bmx parts do u sell?

  48. Adolf Hitler says:


  49. Ryan says:

    What’s the cheapest scooter clamp u
    That will fit mgp team bars

  50. Ryan says:

    Could u give me a link for a photo

  51. Ryan says:

    Or wat kind

  52. Ryan says:

    Or what kind

  53. Nicole Lenz says:

    Is there a separate site for Madison, WI? Is that park still open?

  54. Ryan Williams says:

    Do you guys know how to true rims if so how much will it be?

  55. Ryan says:

    If I came in for my birthday say and got to build a scooter for a present how much

  56. Ryan says:

    And if u have a dirt scooter how much

  57. Aidan Schill says:

    What scooter bars do you have?

  58. Ryan says:

    What’s ur cheapest scooter pegs

  59. Ryan says:

    Are night sessions still half off

  60. Alex says:

    How much money is your cheapest bmx chain?

  61. Ryan says:

    How much are bones red bearings

  62. dylan says:

    can i sign a wavier online somehow becuz i look forward to comin to the lockin on the 29th

  63. Ryan says:

    How much is ur cheapest complete scooter or how much to make one I need lowest price

  64. Tracie says:

    HI! Can you tell me what brands of complete scooters you have in stock right now? Also, is your shop open the same hours as the park?

  65. Devon says:

    .. i have 2 ?’s 1 how long will you guys have this set up in the park because i night be coming down from wausau in march for my birthday and my friends and i would love to scoot on the mini ramp up stairs … 2 how much would it coast for both sesh’s??

  66. Andy says:

    How much is a 4 seasons shirt?

  67. Cal says:

    Hey I was wondering if u have thunder trucks if so how much

  68. michael says:

    just wondering do you have girl brand skateboards and how

  69. michael says:

    just wondering do you have girl brand skateboards and how much

  70. Tiffani says:

    Hey I was wondering how much grizzly grip tape is and do you have tie-dye

  71. Tiffani says:

    I wanted to thnak you guys for the griptape I bought there it’s really nice

  72. Noah says:

    Do you guys have free coaster bearings?

  73. Cal says:

    How much for skateboard hardware?

  74. Devon Moon says:

    what brands of complete scooters do you guys have… and i hope to see you guys in march before or on spring break!

  75. Devon Moon says:

    and one more thing how high are the highest scooter bars you guys have because Im getting too tall for 22′ bars

  76. Devon Moon says:

    again thank you

  77. Terry Krueger says:

    Can you return purchases if not used. If so, would you get cash, or in store credit?

  78. Ryan says:

    What’s your cheapest scooter bars

  79. Ryan says:

    And how much for pads and helmet

  80. lisa says:

    Do sell food and beverage, are you allowed to carry in anything?

  81. Jacob says:

    How much are your tilt scs and Proto clamps

  82. James says:

    Prices for scooter wheels?

  83. Ethan lawson says:

    Can you go to the park for only a day?

  84. Seth says:

    Do you guys have BMX pivotal seat posts? If so what are the prices/brands?


  85. Devon says:

    What brands of complete scooters do you guys have and what are some of the prices

  86. Josh says:

    Do you have wide angle Lens for iPhone 6

  87. Zak sucharski says:

    How much are your proto and tilt scs clamps?

  88. Joey says:

    What are all the brands of scs do you guys have?

  89. Joey says:

    Do you guys sell bars? If so what brand and how much?

  90. Joey says:

    Or what complete scooters do you have in stock right now?

  91. Zak says:

    How much are your proto bars?

  92. 7 says:

    Do you have any scooters that will fit in my anal cavity?

  93. Quinten Sokol says:

    Do you have bolts for a stem (BMX)

  94. Isaiah says:

    How much do you guys sell bmx tires for?

  95. Ted says:

    If you join the camp. Do you guys build boards for people

  96. Ted says:

    The camp is for beginners right.

  97. Ted says:

    So if I signed up I would learn all basic tricks.

  98. Ted says:

    If I’m a beginner should I do the camp or private lessons.

  99. Ted says:

    How much would it cost to buy a complete skateboard for the camp?

  100. Ted says:

    How much do pass and helmets cost to buy?

  101. Teddy says:

    Will you send me the board or would i pick it up at the beginning of the camp.

  102. Ted says:

    How much would it cost to sign up for two sessions of the summer skate camp.

  103. Al says:

    Looking for a place to purchase high quality in-line skates. Recommendations?

  104. Jeffery says:

    How often do you get scooter decks in stock?

  105. Nick says:

    Will you replace grip tape on longboards?

  106. Todd Giese says:

    Hello I was wondering if I where to buy parts can you ship them to my house. I like your store just can’t get over there often because I live 3 hours away.

  107. nick says:

    how much for district complete and what model

  108. nick says:

    also i have bought a grit complete from the shop and didnt use my session cause i had to go can i get my session still

  109. Tony says:

    Do you still have Gatorade logo grip tape? And if so how much would it cost?

  110. Luke says:

    how much is the cheapest bike seat?

  111. ons Skatepark can fill all your Skateboarding,Scooter and BMX needs. …

  112. 0202jesusc says:

    do u guys have crisp scooter in stock

  113. Cole says:

    Can you tell me what tilt stems you offer? Also, what the prices are?

  114. 0202jesusc says:

    what are good scooter brands to buy

  115. Scotty presti says:

    Do u guys have any ethic brake less pads(fenders) cause I’m going Tomo and want to get one

  116. Kyle says:

    Pegs for bmx?

  117. Ryan says:

    can i bring my bike and scooter

  118. Isaiah Delarue says:

    how much is a sweater?

  119. Scott Teplin says:

    Do you ever host sessions for old fogies (Hi Neal)? Hoping to visit in August…

  120. 5 says:

    do u have Revive decks for skateboards?

  121. Travis says:

    How March are elbo and knee pads and also how much are they to rent

  122. Travis says:

    Ok thanks

  123. Travis says:

    How much are skateboard decks and how much are complete boards

  124. Eli says:

    How much are trucks. And also two more things how much are wheels and bearings

  125. how much do your scooters range from? im hoping to visit on tuesday!

  126. Doc says:

    How much are the skateboard grip tapes

  127. Scott Metzdorf says:

    how much are you’re 110 mm scooter wheels?

  128. richie trott trott says:

    do u sell helmets

  129. Larry says:

    If i spent more than 75.99 at the shop would i need to use the free session on the same day?

  130. cameron says:

    how much for wheels

  131. Evan says:

    What kind of grip tape do you have?

  132. Billy Kohn says:

    Do you rent scooters?

  133. Tristan Taft says:

    What do you have in stock for scooter completes and handle bars?

  134. Hunter menefee says:

    How much is the admission

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