Park Pics


26 Responses to Park Pics

  1. joel says:

    how tall are the flyboxes?

  2. Dylan says:

    4 Seasons has the nicest bowl ever, and a amazing street section.

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  4. aidan says:

    is there a foampit

  5. andrew says:

    lol i wish

  6. Neal Levin says:

    We have 2 inside 1 3ft and another 3.5 to 4.5!!

  7. Adam says:

    What’s the size of the bowl there?

    I just moved here from Colorado, bowls seem very hard to come by here. I just want some concrete with pool coping! Is that so wrong! Haha. Dying over here.

  8. Devon says:

    I hope I can come back out and skate the new set up … it looks sick i hope its the same in March

  9. keegan karlen says:

    do you have a foam pit?

  10. Galen says:

    If you’ve turned in the wavier once, do you need to fill it out again every time you ride the park?

  11. have not been therr forever yolo B#!#*!

  12. Isaiah says:

    It looks pretty run-down…is it a good park to skate?

  13. Chandler says:

    Can u ride a scooter there?

  14. Ben says:

    When you have skate comps here is there places to sit if someone wants to come to watch?

  15. Melissa says:

    Can someone send me pics of the party room??

  16. Nikhil M Varghese says:

    Hello! doing a case study on this project for school, can I get some floor plans? thank you

  17. Alexander says:

    Is there a foam pit

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