Park Info

Since 1999 the mission of 4 Seasons Skate Park is to serve as a safe, drug-free environment where the local youth are encouraged to practice their sport, grow as individuals and connect with the community.

We have different areas for all ability levels; beginners and professionals alike will enjoy our courses. 4 Seasons Skate Park promises to provide our participants with the most progressive ramp designs and serve as positive role models.



200 N. 25th St. Milwaukee, WI 53233


Park Hours

Winter Hours Starts Nov 19th – April 1st
Monday thru Friday 3PM till 10PM all riders welcome,$13 to ride all day!!
Saturday Hours-11AM till 10pm all riders welcome,$13 to ride all day!!
Sunday Hours-11AM till 9pm all riders welcome,$13 to ride all day!!

Fall Hours start Aug 28th – Nov. 18th
Monday thru Friday- 3:30 PM till 9PM-All riders,you can ride all day for $13 non member price!!
Saturday-Noon till 9PM-All riders,you can ride all day for $13
Sunday-Noon till 9PM-All riders,you can ride all day for $13

Summer Hours starts June 12 thru Sept 1
-Noon to 8PM everyday-All riders welcome,you can ride all day for $13 non member price!!



Memberships are a great way to save money it will cut your session price in half! They also get you discounts on special events, lessons, sk8camps and 10% off in the pro-shop year round.

1 year membership can be purchased at the park for $99,good for one year from the date of purchase.U pay $7 to enter park everytime.10% off in Pro Shop and Camps
1 Month Unlimited Riding-$79 10% off in Pro Shop and Camps
3 Month Unlimited Riding-$199 10% off in Pro Shop and Camps
6 Month Unlimited Riding-$375 15% off in Pro Shop and Camps
1 Year Unlimited Riding-$650 15% off in Pro Shop and Camps

Non-members : $13
Members : $7
Lockers: $2

Wrist, knee, elbow pads: $3 each
Helmet : $5

*Everyone must were a helmet under the age of 18.
*Check Home page for full hours of operation and session times*

Renting the Park:

$200 for two hours before we open or after we close.Limit 20 people.$10 a person over 20 people.

To book a birthday party or private rental call the park at 414 933 7275.

Gift Certificates available anytime in any amount!!

New Park Prices 2014Mission Statement:


132 Responses to Park Info

  1. Gavin says:

    Are breaks mandatory?

  2. Zach says:

    Just got my boys a year membership, gone twice so far- they love it. Neal and the other staff are great with the kids. Fun and positive environment for sure.

  3. Peyton says:

    Is the summer camp over night

  4. steven says:

    i want to go but dnt no where its at

  5. What are your hours for easter weekend? its spring break for much of the state…. time to sk8!

  6. jacob wevik says:

    is there going to be a gatorade free flow compitition this year?

  7. Michal Kwiecien says:

    I want to go on Saturday, November 30, but I’m not sure what time it opens and closes.

  8. Michal Kwiecien says:

    What is the session?

  9. hunter kephart says:

    Are BMX bikes allowed?

  10. jeffery says:

    When does Greg lutzka Come to Milwaukee?

  11. Mark hanson says:

    Is there any way u can rent the park longer tgan 2 hours

  12. Is their a lot of Inliners that come skate there? And does it get crowded on week nights?

  13. Brooke says:

    When will you post the weeks for the summer camps?

  14. Courtney says:

    I’m going to be 18 in less than 6 months, do I still have to where a helmet??

  15. b dickens says:

    Is the park heated what kind of temperature is it during a cold winter night
    planning on heading up this Friday need to know if I need underarmor

  16. b dickens says:

    word to your mother

  17. brandon owen says:

    can people leave during the all nighter tonight??????

  18. brandon owen says:

    ok thanx, then I’m good I’m 18 and do u guys have an email

  19. brandon owen says:

    nvm, ik that was a dumb ? srry

  20. brandon owen says:

    are we allowed to bring our own beverages

  21. Connor McCally says:

    Are inline skates allowed

  22. david says:

    Are there directions to get to four seasons?

  23. mike says:

    Are scooters aloud or no

  24. Alexis Rodriguez says:

    Can you (and i know this is stupid) send me a video showing how to kickflip?

  25. matt says:

    do i have to bring in a waiver if i havent been there in years?

  26. Jay says:

    Hey, I heard through the grapevine that I could go from 8pm-11pm and the session is only $7. Is this true?

  27. david says:

    why is Madison wi not showing it takes me strait to milwaukees park when I click on to Madison park

  28. dave says:

    Never herd about it whats the reason they closed if anyone knows

  29. rodrigo says:

    Do u need a parent to take you there and sign you in??

  30. Karyn Oberlander says:

    My son is six…can he come to the skate park?

  31. Karyn Oberlander says:

    My son is six…can he come to the park?

  32. Amanda says:

    Do parents have to pay to get into park and is there a place to watch?

  33. Lisa says:

    Are the lock ins included in the unlimited passes

  34. Lisa says:

    Thank you

  35. Robert de niro says:

    Hope you don’t mind me asking but what is a lock in?

  36. Nm says:

    What up. I want to do a bday party but i dont want to rent out the park…. im a regular 2 btw

  37. Devon Moon says:

    could you rent the park for $100 for 1 hour before opeing?? reply asap thank you

  38. Devon Moon says:

    ok thank you

  39. zac says:

    are scooters allowed

  40. Wellington Rodrigues says:

    Do you guys have skateboards to rent? I’m just moved here from Brazil 🙂

  41. How many square feet is the building?

  42. sergio plata says:

    for the lock in is it the $13 or $30? and do we also have to ware a helmet for the lock in and are the corn dogs free or do we have to pay?

  43. Logan says:

    How much r scooter rentals

  44. brad says:

    How much are skate trucks

  45. devon says:

    Im coming for the lock in this next week …. And wanted to know if i was dropped off before 9:30 would i pay full price for the session before it started??

  46. Matthew Walthall says:

    Do you have to wear a helmet ?

  47. Matthew Walthall says:

    With the lock in May 1st, can i come earlier than 9:30?

  48. Isaiah says:

    I might come in today with my bmx bike. Does it matter what kind of tires I have?

  49. Zak says:

    When is the next scooter jam? I just wasn’t able to make the last one and I wanna go to the next one.

  50. Jack says:

    How many inline skaters are there usually? And do you have any competitions for inline skaters? Also, how crowded is it? Thanks

  51. Can i get something signed from a guardian, so i dont need to wear a helmet?

  52. Zak such says:

    I heard you guys are gonna start sponsoring scooters maybe? I was wondering if I could get in it. If we could maybe talk about it or something please tell me. I’d like to look into it. I got a few vids if I should email to you or something idk. But just please say something back to be about it.

  53. Jacob says:

    Do you guys have free wifi at the park

  54. Bobby says:

    It would be awesome if you had one early start per week for the 2nd shifters that cant make it to any of the sessions during the week

  55. jesse says:

    My son’s are 5 and 6 are they still full price? Or is there a Kids discount ?

  56. Do you have an email address for contact info?

  57. Ben Tellefson says:

    Will you be opening early on Wed since school is out?

  58. Ryan Beair says:

    Will there be a BMX comp this yr?

  59. Josh De La Rosa says:

    Are there bike rentals?

  60. Ryan Beair says:

    What day will the BMX comp in January be held?

  61. zack says:

    hi, I would really like to be able to read your holiday hours/winter break hours
    and December events/deals you posted, but it is like a 2 x 2 unreadable square on your website. Please repost it as a readable page

  62. Ricky says:

    Are scooters allowed?

  63. Isaiah says:

    I wanna go to lock in April but parents say it’s a sketchy area

  64. Mike McLeish says:

    What are your hours on Memorial Day

  65. Travis says:

    Are you open today

  66. Kenny says:

    Is the indoor open during rainy days

  67. Geno Johnson says:

    Do you buy bikes? Or allow ads for private sales?

  68. Kelly says:

    Are skateboarding lessons given to skaters for a fee only in the summer?

  69. Michelle szekely says:

    Are pets allowed in the room to wait for the kids

  70. David Karlovich says:

    How is park for a dirt jumper bike. My son used to go to Ray’s but that is now closed

  71. jason says:

    are there bike rentals?

  72. Tyler Berryman says:

    Can you bring beverages

  73. Aidan says:

    can you bring scooters
    trick ones

  74. Evan says:

    So I heard that you get a free backpack, t-shirt, and flat cap if it’s your birthday. Is that true? Also how much is the birthday party and what is it’s price?

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