Here it is as promised AirDrop 3 right before the next one happens! Tonight at 4 Seasons the 4th Airdrop is going to happen! and I will be moving at least a few things around for all of you to play on!

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AirDrop BMX NIGHT – Round 2

BMX night is every Thursday at Four Seasons Skatepark in Milwaukee, WI. The idea is simple, come down film some trick of you and your buddies on your phone and AirDrop them to Jeff Klugiewicz at the end of the night! See yourself in the following weeks edit! This Edit is from October 5th!

The next one is Thursday Night and I plan to move a few things around in the park that you can all play on! Don’t miss this weeks AirDrop!


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Complete Scooters In Stock! Contest in the works

We just got a ton of new scooter completes in our shop! Stop down and pick one up while we still have them! Also its that time of year where we really start getting a lot of product(BMX and Skate as well). So let us know what you would like us to stock up on!

Also in other Scooter news, there has been a lot of talk of a Scooter contest happening sometime in the near future at 4 seasons skatepark! Please keep an eye out for that!

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AirDrop1 BMX Night At Four Seasons

Here it is! The first AirDrop Edit! Please subscribe to our youtube so you don’t miss any of the videos we drop on our channel.

Dont miss Round 2 at Seasons on Thursday night!

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Jared Wiedower’s New 4Seasons Edit!

“After a lot of blood, sweat, and bruises, here it is. Four Seasons Skatepark has been a big part of my life ever since I was born. I am proud to be apart of this place.”

Straight from Jared’s mouth! We are happy you are apart of it as well! Now watch his edit, cause he kills it in this one!


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Doors Open Milwaukee

Yep you heard it right, we will be opening our doors to everyone this weekend! Please stop down and check us out!

Here is what they had to say:
“Established in 1999, 4 Seasons Skate Park is Wisconsin’s largest indoor skateboard facility offering skateboarding, BMX biking, in-line skating, and scootering. Visitors will have full access to the indoor skate park, where they can explore the facility on self-guided tours.”

Click this link to see the full list of places to visit:

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Learn How-to Skateboard – How-to Ollie with Mitch Schmidt

Mitch Schmidt gives you the step by step process about everything you need to know about how to ollie on a skateboard at “Black Cat Alley” in Milwaukee, WI. Watch in slow-mo to give you the edge on whats really going on. Do you want to learn how to skateboard? Then you need to hit up or call 4seasons (414-933-7275) to schedule a lesson now!

Filmed and edited By: Jeff Klugiewicz
Please subscribe to learn more about everything that has to do with skateboarding!

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Jeff K. is back along with BMX NIGHT!

Well this is going to be so fun! Jeff K. is returning to the park and his first day is Thursday September 28th! And he wants to start with a bang!

#BMXnight has returned with a fun twist, come down, film, then airdrop him the clips before you leave and he will be editing them for our YouTube!

Keep a look out cause these will be going on all winter! Plus expect plenty of more surprises from Jeff K.

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Felix Meyers – Season’s Diary

Here is the first of many… Its a little series we are doing called “Season’s Diaries”. Jeff Klugiewicz linked up with Felix Meyers and Mike Meyers to create something to show you how much skateboarding and 4seasons has effected their lives…


Also we just started a Youtube account so please subscribe to that and keep up with everything here at 4seasons.

Click to see Youtube Page:…

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Labor Day Hours Noon till 7PM!!

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